Savini at Criterion, is Savini Milano 1867’s London venue that is recognised as one of the World’s most spectacular and beautiful restaurants. Based in a romantic and elegant Grade II listed building, you can find the same menu as Savini Caffè in Milan. 

Savini’s impeccable service coupled together with a fine dining experience in a grand setting fuses together to offer diners a memorable experience. 

Ranging from corporate business meetings to celebrations, a simple meeting is transformed into an enjoyable, exclusive event. 

Right from the turn of the century, Savini’s restaurants played host to the many meetings between celebrities including Churchill, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, Grace Kelly and Christabel Pankhurst of the Suffragettes. Today, to carry on Savini’s historical legacy, the team has worked hard to restore both venues to their former glory, keeping intact their original features; for Savini Criterion, the 1874 Fireplace Room remains intact with the addition of Italian stuccoes to coalesce a blend of British and Italian history.